The Squids Products Overview| Squids. io

Robust, safe, cost-effective cloud databases based on K8S architecture

By adopting a multi-cloud strategy, gives users multiple choices when it comes to cloud infrastructures, and our supported cloud providers including AWS, Azure, Google Cloud Platform, and etc. We remain absolutely neutral in cloud vendors and help users to transfer and switch data between clouds.
Multi-Database supports a wide range of databases including MySQL, MongoDB, Redis, InfluxDB, ElasticSearch, Kafka and MariaDB.
Based on Kubernetes architecture, is eqiupped with features such as high availability and multiple copies of data to make your cloud database more robust.
Seeing Arm CPU reaches its expansion to cloud market, Squids offers a variety of open source databases running with ARM processors. You can get a 40% increase in cost performance through the use of ARM CPU.
S3 Backup Compression uses efficient data compression technology to support a full and incremental database backup to S3.
Self-Hosting and On-Premise
You can host cloud database on or choose private deployment.
Multiple Specification Choices
In order to meet the diverse needs of users for VM types, we provide a complete table of cloud vendor specification packages, and you can also personalize your cloud database configurations.